Hot Awards for June 2017

Every end of the month we will take a look which artists and songs dominated the charts. They will all then vie for our Year-end Hot Awards. Ain’t that great?!


The Song of the Month for June 2017 undoubtedly goes to “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. Sitting at the number one spot for the entire month of June, Ed Sheeran’s follow-up single from his latest album is indeed on hot streak. I’m sure everyone have heard of this song by now.


For the Artist of the Month, I give the award to The Chainsmokers. They totally owned the charts with two of their seven charted songs in the top 10. As of Week #3, their collaborations with Coldplay “Something Just Like This” is at number 6 while their song with Halsey “Closer” follows at number 7. The rest of their songs are at number 36, 39, 67 and 72.


For the OPM Song of the Month, the award goes to “Dahil Sa’Yo” (or “Because of You”) by Iñigo Pascual. This song is the highest-charted OPM song to date reaching as high as number 20 on Week #3. I’m also giving the OPM Artist of the Month to Iñigo Pascual for his top-notching song but he is in a tight race with SUD. Their song “Sila” (or “Them”) is just trailing at number 23. It is an exciting time for local music indeed.


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