Week #5 – 10.July.2017

A new week comes with a new number one song! Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” climbed the top spot to become only the second number one song of Billboard Philippines. Funny that only last week we listened to this song and wondered that it cannot seemingly break the top three. Though “Shape of You” lowered down to second place, Ed Sheeran is leading the chart with a record total of 8 songs. OPM and Kpop also came back firing with 10 and 9 song, respectively.

For this week, we are looking at another Bruno Mars song – “Versace on the Floor”. As an avid watcher also of US Billboard, I am very much aware that this song did not even make the top 40. Currently at #5 in the Billboard Philippines, I’m excited to find out why it is very famous in the country. Let’s have a listen:

Title: Versace on the Floor
Artist: Bruno Mars
Released: June 12, 2017

First thing I noticed is that this song was also officially released on the first day of Billboard Philippines. It debuted at #3 on the chart which means that it is already being played all over the country even before the official release. Isn’t that amazing? For some reason, I expected this song to be a Motown or doo-woop upbeat tune, definitely not a slow jam. I really admire Bruno Mars’ vocals and it is really prominent on the first part with only a piano accompanying him. The rest of the song reminds me of Sunday radio music and it started to dawn on me now. This kind of slow music is a bit in line with OPM love songs except that it’s more complex and, duh, a lot better. I can definitely hear some 90s influence in there as well. No wonder this is on the top 5!

For the OPM song, we are going to look at Enrique Gil’s “Mobe” currently sitting at #51. Enrique Gil is one of the famous actors crossing over to singing so I’m not expecting too much. Hey it’s an original which is good. Let’s have a listen:

Title: Mobe
Artist: Enrique Gil
Released: January 1, 2016

Oh wow, the song is entirely in Spanish. Not sure what Mobe means and a quick search also yielded nothing. As “Despacito” proves, language should not be an issue here. However, there a lot of other holes in this song I’m surprised it even reached this high on the chart. On the positive first, Enrique Gil’s voice is really not bad on this song. Not sure but is it because it’s an easy song to sing? There. That’s all there is to it. The song showed some signs of promise at first but it all quickly fizzled out. It’s like the first part was copy pasted towards the rest of the song. You keep hearing the same thing over and over that it starts to get annoying. I actually laughed out somewhere in the song because I thought its over. There is this bit of a buildup to a second of silence that I thought ‘oh, at least it’s a nice sendoff for the song’. Then oh, there is another section of the same thing. LOL. I listened to it for another two times. No, it did not grow on me one bit. It just doesn’t work.


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