Week#6 – 17.Jul.2017

It is a very uneventful week. This week’s chart is more or less the same as the past weeks. Half of the chart is made up of Hip-hop/R&B/EDM music and a quarter of pop. No new names entered the chart. The Chainsmokers and Ed Sheeran leads all artists with 7 songs each.

For this week, we are taking a look at one of The Chainsmokers’ biggest hits, “Closer” featuring Halsey. Let’s take a look:

Title: Closer feat. Halsey
Artist: The Chainsmokers
Released: July 29, 2016

Whenever The Chainsmokers is mentioned, this is the first song that comes to my mind and so it should. This song topped the charts all around the world. It stayed at number one in the US Billboard for twelve consecutive weeks and broke the record for being at the top five for 26 weeks! Wow. That is more than half a year. Currently at #6 in Billboard Philippines, this song hasn’t lost its footing in this side of the world even after a year of its release. What else is left to be said after the numerous positive reviews it got? I got none. The song is just a surefire smash hit. Easily recognizable tunes and lengthy but catchy lyrics that you can memorize just by listening. It has been compared with The Fray’s “Over My Head” which caught me by surprise because I’m very familiar with that song. Listening to it again, I think The Fray was possibly given credit to avoid costly lawsuits because the intro pianos definitely sound alike. Nevertheless, “Closer” is a perfect ten out of ten song. Ask the 1 billion listeners over in Spotify and they will surely agree.

For the OPM song, we will take a look at TJ Monterde’s “Tulad Mo”. Let’s listen:

Title: Tulad Mo
Artist: TJ Monterde
Released: August 13, 2015

Another local artist that is new to my ears. I’m crossing my fingers that this will be a good song because the thumbnail of the video is not promising. “Tulad Mo” or “Like You” delivers better than I expected. For some reason, I can’t help but think of the boyband 98 Degrees while listening to this song. My ears are getting some hints of similarities but I cannot pin-point what. I will update this blog once I find out what it is. Now if this song defines OPM Pop, I can fairly say that I will be contented. Nothing to rave about but it’s surely an above-average song. I like that artists like him are getting more exposure nowadays through the internet. More and more people will be able to appreciate good, original music and hopefully someday it will give the local scene the major overhaul it needs.


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