Week #7 – 24.July.2017

OPM and Kpop came back charging this week. Iñigo Pascual’s “Dahil Sa ‘Yo” made it at #14, setting a record for the highest position for an OPM song. The Chainsmokers leads again with 7 songs.  This week also welcomes a new artist in the chart, The Neighbourhood with their song “Daddy Issues” debuting at #98. All songs in the top 10 are non-movers and has proven to be tough for other songs to break into.

From last week’s review of “Closer”, we’ll take a look at another The Chainsmokers song that has been in the top 7 since the Billboard Philippines has begun. “Something Just Like This” is their collaboration with the British rock band Coldplay. Let’s have a listen:

Title: Something Just Like This
Artist: The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
Released: February 22, 2017

The Chainsmokers seems to have been around for quite some time but their debut album was actually released only this year. “Something Just Like This” is the second single from this album after “Paris”. Since its release, it has made into the top 10 of multiple countries worldwide. It also became Coldplay’s second top five entry in the US Billboard after 2008’s “Viva la Vida”. From the first listen, you can already tell that it’s a Chainsmokers song but with Chris Martin on the vocals. Easily recognizable and catchy tunes is again the key to the success of this song. It’s not the same level as “Closer” but boy did they made another great hit. It looks to me as if they had found the style that really works for them and they can still continue doing it for a few more years and not lose its cool. I expect this is just the start of more great collaborations for them.

For the OPM song, we are going to look at another Jona single, “Maghihintay Ako”:

Title: Maghihintay Ako
Artist: Jona
Released: March 4, 2017

After lambasting the previous single of Jona, I am setting my bar low this time. “Maghihintay Ako” or “I’ll Be Waiting” is another OPM love song. I actually like this more than “Pusong Ligaw”. It incorporates a lot more sounds and is more upbeat masking in a way the song’s sad tale of waiting. The arrangement doesn’t go far from the usual OPM love song, but the guitar solos here really sets it apart. It reminds me as well of boy bands during the late 90s. I don’t care for Jona’s very high notes. I feel it is completely unnecessary here. Not every song of hers should include one just because she can. All in all, good job. Not a perfect ten but it is way better than I expected.


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